Sex, The Only Way To Winning The World Cup 2018!

13 Nov


The World Cup has finally started and some serious ball juggling already took place on the Russian green fields of glory. All the top teams and footballers are fighting to hold the prestigious FIFA World Cup Trophy in their hands and bless it with a sensual smooch. Nevertheless, there still is a long way to go until the finals are reached, and we all know how rocky that road can be. Not only are players facing an intense period of physical trails, but there are also some mental challenges ahead.

For most spectators, there is nothing more alluring than a sweaty, well-muscled player giving his all on the field. It’s the sheer sweaxiness (sweat & sexiness) only top athletes can convey and WAGs can relish. But no matter how much enjoyment sweaxiness can bring, being sweaxy comes at a price. Most athletes are not likely to score when off the field. Either by superstition or by actually being banned by the team’s coach. The cognition behind sex bans is that athletes will literally be too bushed to perform the next day. Some also believe that orgasming draws testosterone from the male body, affecting the level of passion and aggression during the game.

However, there is no actual research confirming such claims. On top of that, a sexy session of sex hardly burns 50 calories, unless you are a professional porn star during an actual shoot. Engaging in sexual pleasures may indeed lower ones testosterone level, but that’s merely short-term. It’s rather the quality of sleep that will have a serious effect on the athlete’s body and performance. We all know what a lack of sleep can do to us after staying up all night.

There is one fact, though, which we are ALL aware of. Sex is a great stress-reliever! Knowing that players are under a tremendous amount of stress, we should encourage all teams, participating at this year’s World Cup, to engage in as much sexual intercourse as possible. Not only will the games be more exciting, but also the WAGs will be able to support their dearest more efficiently. Our prognosis is that whichever team scores most off the field, will also score most on the field!

Stay sweaxy, Team Hollywood Condoms